Aayuprash Natural


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Product Description

3X Immunity Action | With 40+ Ayurvedic Herbs | Helps Build Strength & Stamina | Builds Overall Health

boosts ability to fight illnesses

Aayuprash Natural is a daily dose for your family to build Strength & Stamina

It fights illness with the power of double immunity (Illness refers to common day to day infections and allergies)

Description :-
Promotes Health and Longevity: This unique ayurvedic formulation helps maintian energy during everyday activities and promotes good health and longevity. Contains Brihati: Considered the best ayurvedic herb to help provide relief from cold, cough and other seasonal ailments. Rich in Nutrients Ayuprash provides overall immunity throughout the year. Enhances the Immune Response of Body: It is extremely beneficial, in fighting the changes and being a winner in every season. Our products at are a unique amalgamation of indigenous herbs sourced from the dense forest, vast knowledge of Ayurveda and 100 years of research and development studies from to address lifestyle induced health concerns.